Midtown Stomp in West Sacramento

The Earles dodged rain, hail and thunderstorms Friday night and joined the Midtown Stomp party at the Spotlight Ballroom in West Sacramento. Playing for dancers is big fun for musicians, and boy are these guys and gals dancers! They were fearless in attacking the Earles’ quirkier material, taking in stride the mid tune time signature and meter changes in “No Daisy” and “Passing Time.” Friend of the band, Shari Phillips, sprung for a cab ride for her and her parents all the way from Nevada City to hear the band and take in the great show the Mid Town Stomp dancers put on. At the end of the evening DJ Scott Kaufman called the band “awesome” and “high energy” and there was talk among some of the dancers about working out routines to Earles tunes in time for the band’s next appearance at the Spotlight. Stay tuned!